when things happen, it makes us wonder. it makes us think. it makes us stop for a while and ponder. it brought up points for us to consider...
  • where are we going? what is our destination?
  • how do we reach there? what drives us?
  • do we set a goal and try to achieve it? or we learn through our faults along the way?
  • we do realize that the journey is long and winding, right? and we have longer roads ahead of us?
  • people say change is a constant thing. do we have to change ourselves? one thing for sure, we must always change for the better
  • do we treat those changes as sacrificing our values? or as a way to understand and fit better with each other?
  • are we doing the right thing? if it's the right thing, are we doing it the right way?
  • we did wrong things, that's true. but then again, we are humans. and again, we must always try our best to do the right things. and we must help each other at that, don't you agree?
some of the things i did and said are unworthy of my convictions. for that, i seek apology and forgiveness from Allah and from you...

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