as d day before yesterday was eidul adha, i got to watch d slaughtering ceremony here in dis is my 4th year here, it wud seem dumb if anyone asked whether or not i have seen a slaughter here and i answered, out of curiousity, i and d guys went to witness ourselves the continuation of d rite of Prophet Abraham (a.s) and how it is performed in thick snow...[WARNING: THESE IMAGES MAY CAUSE DISCOMFORT FOR THE QUEASY]

cute little sheeps...hello...

hey dude! we're caught on camera!!

1. first, u gotta hav d cattle, sheep or camel to be slaughterd. any healthy game can be slaughtered provided it has fulfilled d criteria of:
age: sheep (2 years old), cow or buffalo (5 years old), camel (7 years old)
healthy: game must not be sick, cows with sick leaves@M.C.s can be excused dis year.
free from invalidity: blind, deaf, mute or 3-legged sheep may have the ticket to escape death
fat: camel suffering from anorexia also can appeal to not be slaughtered
other criteria please refer to local imams, sheikhs or mullahs

Rauf d happy slaughterer

2. knives must be sharp to optimise d energy used during slaughterg and to lessen the pain inflicted to d animals. also, u must not flaunt d knives in front of the animals or not, they will start panicking!

3. have holes to contain d blood. we dun want blood to spill all over n an epidemic of blood borne diseases to get loose.

4. lie the animal on their bellies (preferable on the right side, facing the holy Kaaba). and recite 'in the name of ALLAH, the Greatest'...

5. now, CUT. using d sharp knife, only one undulating movement is required and the knife must not lose contact wit d animal's neck and make sure u cut BOTH TRACHEA & BLOOD VESSELS [i think d carotid arteries if not the jugular veins, huh, medical student talking!!]

hey, presto! it's done already! now, to get the wool coat off and the flesh from the bones.

the sheep is hung and the skin from the midline is removed first...dis is to make sure the coat is easier to remove. juz like when u pull down ur zip, it's easier to take off ur jacket rite?

continue uncoating/skinning the sheep using all the methods u can...dis guy even used his knees and elbows. as if he is practicing wrestling and muay thai wit d sheep

dun forget to remove the distal parts of the limbs. it makes things easier when taking off the coat. easier to undress a short sleeved T-shirt than a long sleeved jammies.

VOILA! a woolen coat. wash it first, before wearing or u'll end up smelling like a sheep urself.

it was reported that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said, "there is no other charity prefered by ALLAH on the day of eidul adha other than the slaughter. and the good deeds you have done will reach ALLAH before the first drop of blood reaches the ground."

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