training in cold refreshing!

i watched d episode after successfully downloading it from d internet. the line was quite bad, but i managed to download it after a few days of trying.

this time, a pair of white guys [jim and doug] go around the world to learn the various martial arts from each continent. they reached the nation of indonesia and studied the art of silat under guru rita suwanda and guru dadang. in the end, they hav to battle wit the champs of pencak silat [or maybe the champs from perguruan silat mande muda. i dunno]

the episode is absolutely better compared to the human weapon: silat episode [the history channel]. i said so becoz this time, d program managed to get their facts straight. no made-up stories to spice up the show. juz plain, true and simple facts.

the training session also looks more gruel and demanding even though i'm quite sure that the secret training ground is not so secret [if it's secret, it won't be shown on tv right?]. i loved the part when jim says that he can't really get the 'art' part in 'martial arts'. at least, he admitted it and tried.

i also loved the part when guru rita suwanda expained why the hand movements are done so and so and the difference between the guarding pose [as explained by jim]. still, the guarding pose is used in Mixed Martial Arts bouts to protect the face but in pencak silat tourneys, the face and neck are not to be hit.

in one of the training sequences, doug accidentally hit his opponent's neck causing him to gag. but later he got his fair share of pain when his foot hit the other guys elbow and began swelling like 'a zombie in a movie'.

the fight scene in the end also was more fair compared to the human weapon episode bcoz dis time, they fought in a proper ring, proper attire and wit proper juries. human weapon: silat episode's final fight was supposed to test the white guy wit 5 vs 1 but it was really 1 vs 1 wit 5 guys, one after another. [in the end the white guy passed. i'm sure if it's really d final test for silat gayong, d guy wud hav failed]

even though jim and doug lost their matches, i think guru rita and guru dadang hav done a great job in promoting silat to the world.

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