err...this is not me. i only wear white belt was the first day in my life i went into a ring and fight. believe me, being on the outside is more pleasurable than being battered like hell in the ring.

yeah, i did say i had some experience in martial arts before. but that was different. practicing punches and kicks on a training partner is nothing compared to trading REAL PUNCHES AND KICKS with somebody who really wants to land a blow on your face while not keeping still.

furthermore, i never had proper training in sparring. my silat practice was half-way and was not sports-oriented. so was my belief then. that learning self defense is only for the use during emergency times. and the silat style that i learned did not have fancy moves or steps. [Silat Cekak Hanafi stresses on the self-defense and does not possess various stances. only stand straight and be prepared].

so, i entered the ring. being a noob i am, i tried to land a few timid punches. my opponent was a boy about 14 years old with an orange belt [i don't know which level is orange, but he's surely not white like i am]. he managed to counter-punch everytime i punched. luckily i managed to evade most of his attacks. in the match, master Igor said no kicking [good God!]. i too had some of my punches on his face. once i lost my step [the floor mat caught my toe] and i fell. ouch! felt like a dumb-ass.

i got up and started again. after a few steps back and forth, my opponent found and open corner and WHACK!!! a high speed punch hit my face [i was wearing a headgear. ladies, i'm fine...] and i sprawled on the ground. haha!!! as i sit up, master Igor asked, "oi! why are you sitting down? you lazy ass!!" his nephew, Gena [the referree] said explained that i was just knocked-down.

i entered the 2nd round after watching the guys fight. i saw usop fight. he had some TKD experience [also a holder of black belt, 2nd Dan]. he did quite well against Ahmed [also a boy with orange belt]. the 2nd match was without the headgear. i personally asked Gena to ask the opponent to mind the head. more body punch please...

this time, i minimised my movement. wait for the incoming attack and fire my punch. too much movement made me tired and thirsty in the earlier bout. the tactic worked. this time, i wasn't that much of a punching bag. with some parrying and evading, i hit his chest a number of times. but unluckily, the same punch went head straight to my head and again i was knocked down. noe i understood the trauma of the 'crash-test dummy' in fight science, NGC.

truly i lost my balance the time the punch hit me and a few seconds after that. the world went round and round. hohoho!!!

i went for a few more steps and finished. i was already battered. my opponent congratulated me for the nice chest punch i 'awarded' him.

not too bad for a newbie huh?

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