ana wa unte...unte wa ana laa..

i won't be updating my blog for a few days [hopefully not] because i won't be in town for a week.
i'm going to cairo for a 'journey of self discovery'...
i'll be travelling by Aerosvit, Ukrainian airline...
yes mom, i ordered vegetarian food on board...
and yes mom, i won't be taking bags or suitcases from strangers...[due to cases of malaysians got caught handling prohibited drugs in and out of d country, mom kept reminding me started it...]
and yes dad, i won't forget to pray 5 times a day, including subuh on time...:P
hopefully everything will be fine...selamat pergi selamt balik...selamat mohd salihin dok sorg2 kat rumah sbb baiya n aswad xbalik dr kiev lg...kui3

aerosvit, JJ kata dulu penah tingkap dia nk tecabut masa flight. YIKES!!!

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