DIPLOMA Odessa Federation of Rukopashniy-boi awards Mohd Puad, Azizul Ismie [that's me]

a sportsman of Rukopashniy-boi for his participation and successfully passed the technique tasks and he is given the 10th kyu of Rukopashniy-boi

[i should have written this 3 weeks ago]

i'm hereby gleefully announce that i'm a 10th kyu belt holder of the rukopashniy-boi.

currently i'm not going to my training sessions anymore. one thing for sure, the cost is quite high considering i want to go for eurotrip and i have to be wise in my daily expenses. i worry that my waistline will expand back to its previous size. haha

after 4 months of gruelling training and hard work, i managed to pass the test.

if anybody of you are interested to join RB [if anyone can find a training club/trainer that is], let me give you people some 'soalan bocor' and tasks to be completed for the 10th kyu exams.

  1. history of rukopashniy-boi in ukraine [which i failed miserably to answer due to the language barrier]
  2. 20 sit-ups
  3. 15 push-ups
  4. 20 squats
  5. safety fall drill, both sides and front
  6. front and back roll
  7. 4 types of stances. kibo dachi, sanchin dachi, front foot stance and rear foot stance
  8. front straight punch
  9. leg split [which really hurts the crotch as hell]
  10. 3 types of release from 2 hands hold [meaning if there is a person caught hold of your hand using his 2 hands, how should you release urself from them]
  11. 90 degree turn, block and punch
  12. 2 minutes of sparring [which is faked between me n yusuf]
for the 1st question, even d locals failed. i thought those ppl knew. if it would be in english, for sure i can make up good stories.
tasks 2,3 and 4 are done directly one after another. after 4 months of excruciating training, it was easy. but wait until d tests for 5th and 6th kyu. 50 and 60 push-ups, squats and sit-ups one after another. imagine that!!!
others are quite simple and need no further explanation.

things i've learnt during this 4 months training, to name a few:
  • sparring is far more easier to watch than done. it always looks easy on the outside. getting kicked and punched on the inside is...NOT
  • there are a number of ways to get free if u are held from the back
  • some styles kick with their foot. RB follows karate style kick. using the shins
  • wrestling is also an important knowledge in martial arts
  • not all russians/ukrainians are pain in the ass. these ppl in RB like master igor viktorovich, viktor, dima, sasha, misha, bodia and others are friendly and cultured
  • male russians/ukrainians are not shy of crying. never mind young ruslan, even the grown ups like bodia cried. [which is totally untolerable in the malay culture. boys are taught not to cry what more crying in martial arts class!]
in september i'll consider rejoining the class. maybe if i opted to have a dental surgery, maybe i'll let go and be satisfied with only the 10th kyu.

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