tan lijie: okok
tan lijie: back to the movie!!!

phantom2r: how abt i use rainbow colour?

tan lijie: I feel men so lustful la

phantom2r: hahaha

tan lijie: why do they need sex??

phantom2r: ????
tan lijie: no need la

tan lijie: or get married la n do the wife enuf

tan lijie: so teruk!!!!
phantom2r: ok

tan lijie: haih...

phantom2r: spill it out
phantom2r: more
phantom2r: more

phantom2r: :-P

tan lijie: I feel the worse seen is the part in the construction site

tan lijie: wher the girls were all drugged n sit behind dirty curtains

tan lijie: u rememebr tat scene?

phantom2r: yeah

tan lijie: so disgusting

phantom2r: i remember d fightg scene dlm tu also

phantom2r: hehe
phantom2r: ok

tan lijie: n the men just come one after another in just 'insert' shoot n leave

phantom2r: more2

tan lijie: haih

phantom2r: shoot? wow!
tan lijie: hahaha

tan lijie: haiya

tan lijie: ejaculate

phantom2r: bang2! or squirt2?

tan lijie: shorter to type ma

tan lijie: hahahah

tan lijie: depends on the men's libido la

phantom2r: :))

tan lijie: but the movie also a lil fake la

phantom2r: like when?

tan lijie: I feel the dad too powerful dy

phantom2r: hey

tan lijie: how can every guy he fight also die?
phantom2r: dad is american superagent

tan lijie: stillll....

phantom2r: never underestimate US spies

tan lijie: shud get injured more la

tan lijie: too fake dy
phantom2r: he did get injured

phantom2r: masa terjun atas kapal tu
phantom2r: sakit lutut

phantom2r: haha

tan lijie: n also the last part...how he come back to US?

phantom2r: limping?

phantom2r: by plane?

tan lijie: like the France gov never tahan him?

phantom2r: :-|

tan lijie: haiya

phantom2r: tu la

phantom2r: audience nowadays...too pandai

phantom2r: alwys tnya2

phantom2r: hahaha

tan lijie: hahhaa

tan lijie: true ma...

tan lijie: if he injured more n patah2 better la

phantom2r: if patah2 then no more US superagent la
tan lijie: n also the daughter so lucky la
tan lijie: she's so good, til safe the best for last

phantom2r: i wish my dad is a superagent

tan lijie: hahaha

phantom2r: hahaha

phantom2r: [d daughter] so hot also

tan lijie: a 'preventer'

phantom2r: [d daughter also] very pure

tan lijie: eee...
tan lijie: yea...

tan lijie: [the dad] knows french, etc

tan lijie: haih...

phantom2r: pure as in virgin
tan lijie: stillll

phantom2r: hahaha

tan lijie: I know la

tan lijie: haiya
phantom2r: [d daughter] knows little french

phantom2r: hahaha

tan lijie: haha
tan lijie: u shud write a review in ur blog

tan lijie: n tell all females to watch

tan lijie: cannot be so blur n guillable

phantom2r: u watched dis one 'trade'?
tan lijie: which one ar?

phantom2r: 'trade'
tan lijie: u mean a movie?
tan lijie: no le
phantom2r: it was earlier dis year la kot

tan lijie: ooo

tan lijie: nice?

phantom2r: wait

tan lijie: okok

phantom2r: http://penatxabes.blogspot.com/2008/03/jual-orang.html
tan lijie: heyI'll be back?

tan lijie: gotta mandi 1st

phantom2r: ok ok

our reviews about the movie TAKEN. some more, i feel it hard to believe that there are girls trafficked and auctioned in the black markets. and old, rich fat buyers too! arabs even! WTH???!!! what i meant with 'hard to believe' is there are heartless people like them. they should be shot in the nuts. haha!

people should watch this movie and gain more awareness about this issue.

p/s: names have been altered to protect privacy
p/s2: contents also have been altered. also to protect privacy. hehe :-P

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