Ramadan came yet for one more time.

a month full with trials and tribulations.
a month of charity and good will.
a month for prayers, prayers and lots more prayers.
a month with good food from the masjid.


my first Ramadan test. i successfully repaired my cellphone's switch but at maghrib [which means it was already 1st of Ramadan] i realized that the speaker was not working. it was not supposed to be like that because before handing it to the repairman, the only problem was the switch.

i had failed the ramadan test by giving the repairman a load of curses and swears.

today i have to go and repair the cellphone once more. also, today is the first day in my 5th year and i have to go to the dean's office to change the group. 2nd ramadan test i assume. being there in the dean's office is always a test of patience.

the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said and it means:
two joys are for those who fast. one, the joy of the meal at sunset. two, the joy when they meet their Maker

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