XY: buka la cam awk
XY: hmmm yes
XX: ape?
XY: webcam
XX: 4 wat?
XY: tak boleh ker
XX: xde webcam
XY: u're so cute
XX: ye arh tu
XY: i suka your eye
XX: ngarut apenye..
XY: hmmmm kalau u buka webcam
XX: ??
XX: demm gak u nih kan...
XX: tell me wut?
XY: hmmm u buka cam awk
XX: xd
XX: *xde cam
XX: knpe?
XY: nak see u
XY: n make u wet
XX: x payah..
XX: im nobody rite?
XX: im not ur gul..not ur gf
XX: not anyone 2 u
XX: i mean rubbish 2 u
XY: kalau u nak
XY: i boleh
XX: boleh ape?
XY: make u wet
XX: 4 wut?
XX: i dun need it
XY: hmmm mcm mana i nak ckp kat u
XY: wooo come we play
XY: play la
XX: u know wut, ada prob dgn webcam
XX: takut virus la
XY: ohhhhhhhhhh
XX: tau x title lagu yg lirik die "ku petik bintang..utk ko simpan.cahayanya terang"
XY: i wanna make u wet la
XX: xde webcam la
XX: giv me the song title
XY: i forgot
XX: demm
XY: hmmmm awk pinjam cam
XX: xde..
XX: awk ni.
XX: ckp la nk wt pe?
XY: u wait n see
XX: aper nih
XY: awk nanti puas
XY: if i make u wet u'll luv it
XX: all the fuzzy things u said
XX: wat do u mean 'wet'? is it 'cry'?
XY: wet means
XY: have fun wit u alone
XY: understand girl?
XX: err...
XX: mybe
XX: tp chat cukup laaa
XX: sonok gak pe, chatting
XX: ^^,
XY: i kan lelaki
XX: huh
XX: seems like cheap je?
XX: so cheap
XY: no u got the wrong idea
XX: so?
XY: play wit u in cam
XX: play wat?
XY: urself, ur body
XX: sep sep sep tom tom tom?
XX: ahaa
XX: i dun get it clear rite up
XY: i wanna make u horny 1st
XY: sori to tell
XX: wat the hell horny means?
XY: ok, u're still a small girl
XX: i'm not small la beb
XX: haha
XY: ok bye take care
XX: adolescent maybe?
XY: yes i wanna make love to u in cam
XX: well i dun have any
XY: wat?
XX: i dun have webcam
XY: tanya la org lain, kot2 org sebelah u ada ke...hmmm
XY: kalau ada cam wooo u will get wet girl. soaking wet!!!
XX: later keyh?
XX: later boy
XY: when?
XX: dunno
XX: when i get one
XY: ohhhhh hmmm i sad


end of the wild fictional story brewing inside my mind. ok, it was not fictional bcoz if it was fictional, it won't be that scary. fictions cannot harm people's lives right? but what if i tell u that it was a true incident? how will you handle this situation?

p/s: name were altered to protect privacy
p/s2: dude, are you f*cking retarded? don't u watch american movies? that's no way to get inside a girl's pants!!! u gotta be smooth, dude...now that u've blew it, BIG TIME, u sounded like a perv...
p/s3: girl, are you f*cking stupid-dumbass-adult-wannabe? if u so wanna 'act' adult, u don't go and admit ur age...adolescent? hah! u make me laugh. u don't even know what 'horny' means...let alone 'wet' and 'play with urself'...
p/s4: the world is getting more and more harder to survive in. let's just hope the conditions will change for the better when the time arrives for me to have my own children...
p/s5: after reading this, do have a look here and leave ur comments also there :)

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